4 Sensory Play Ideas to try this Valentine’s day!

4 Sensory Play Ideas to try this Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Day is about more than just flowers and chocolates – it’s an opportunity to connect with your loved ones through playful and sensory experiences. In this blog post, we’ll dive into exciting sensory play ideas that add a special touch to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Textured Art Adventure:
Encourage artistic expression through a textured collage art project. Gather materials like fabrics, feathers, and different textures, fostering a hands-on experience that stimulates creativity and fine motor skills. Why not make your little ones art a card for someone special! 

Decadent Chocolate Finger Painting:
Bring a delicious twist to art by incorporating edible chocolate paint into finger painting activities. This multi-sensory experience not only delights the sense of touch but also satisfies the taste buds.

Heart Hunt Sensory Scavenger:
Turn your space into an interactive playground with a heart-themed sensory scavenger hunt. Let the little ones explore through touch as they search for hidden heart-shaped treasures. 

Lavender Calm Jars:
Wind down the festivities with lavender-scented relaxation jars. These calming jars, filled with glitter, oil and water, provide a tranquil visual and aromatic experience, a great way to wind down from the day!

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the usual celebrations and immerse yourself in the world of sensory play. Embrace the sensory magic, and make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one!

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